Tandem Flight

Tandem Paragliding


Our trusted and skilled pilots have plenty of experience, with a roster that includes JPA National League champions and World Cup qualifications.
During two-person (tandem) flights, they will support you throughout your aerial journey.

Flights start from Saburougatake at an altitude of 580m.
All flight manoeuvres are carried out by our professional instructors; all you'll have to do is run a few steps for take-off.
First-time paragliders are of course welcome.
Relax and just leave it to us. Both of your hands will be free if you wish to take pictures.
Experience the thrill of soaring through the sky like a bird.

Tandem Course



12,000 JPY(10,800 for U25 & students)


Holidays & High season weekdays:
13,000 JPY(11,700 for U25 & students)


High season holidays:
14,000 JPY(2,600 for U25 & students)

(tax not included)

  • * Starting time is around 9:00 (earliest start time is 7:00). Please enquire upon making a booking.
  • * All prices listed above include facility usage fees.
  • * High season weekday and holiday prices apply to the Golden Week and Summer Holiday seasons.
  • (B category prices apply for the following dates of 2019: April 27th to May 2nd, May 6th, July 22nd to 26th, July 29th to August 2nd, August 5th to 9th, August 19th to 23rd, August 31st, September 1st. C category prices apply to the following dates of 2019: May 3rd to 5th, July 27th, July 28th, August 3rd, August 4th, August 10th to 18th, August 24th and 25th.)
  • * VAT will be added to the course price as of July 1st 2019.
  • * Prices will be rounded to the nearest hundred JPY after VAT is introduced.

Time Required

Approx. 60 min (Time for 1 or 2 people)

Meeting Point

From booking to flying;
the process

If meeting at 9:00 (meeting times will vary depending on seasons and your individual booking)

Book by phone or email

When you book, we will discuss dates and times with you, as well as other flight details.
Please let us know how many people you are booking for, and your preferred flight times.

1 to 3 days before your scheduled tandem flight

We will contact you with information about flying conditions and let you know if it is still possible to make your flight.
Please be sure to make any necessary preparations in the days before your flight.

On the day of your tandem flight

If you are arriving by train (JR), get off at Chiyokawa station where we will pick you up.
If you are arriving by car, please make your way to the site directly.



9:00Registration & equipment fitting

Please fill out the insurance application form and consent form. We will then get ready for the flight.
Please have your change of clothes, gloves and camera ready.


Travelling up the mountain

9:10Travelling up the mountain

A car will take you up to the take-off point via a forest trail.
We encourage you to soak up the impressive off-road forest scenery and enjoy this outstanding and rare experience.
(Please let us know in advance if you suffer from car sickness or feel uncomfortable travelling on mountain roads.)


Arriving at the take-off site / Getting ready

9:40Arriving at the take-off site / Getting ready

We will assist you in putting on the harness, helmet and gloves, and prepare you for the flight.




Finally! After going over some explanations and precautions, we will take-off. Enjoy your remarkable journey through the skies.

10:00Landing & farewell

After having a blast in the air, we will land you safely.
That is it for the flight and it's time to say goodbye.
For those of you who came by train, we will drop you off again at the JR Chiyokawa station.

What to bring with you?

  • Long-sleeved top & full-length trousers

  • Comfortable walking shoes(*1)

  • Gloves or work gloves

  • A camera strap to prevent accidents. (*2)

    * if you wish to take pictures

  • Cold weather clothing(*3)

  • Personal seal (inkan) / Proof of insurance (insurance card)(*4)

  • Change of clothes(*5)

  • *1...Shoes with ankle protection such as hiking boots and shoes with a thick sole are ideal.
  • *2...We can lend you a special holder so your camera does not fall.
  • *3...The air up there will be cold in spring, autumn and winter so we recommend bringing windproof clothes.
  • *4...This is necessary to register for accident insurance in case of injury.
  • *5...You may get soil or other marks on your clothes.

Set Course

One-Day package to fully enjoy both our challenge and tandem courses

Petit Challenge + Tandem Course

Includes two rounds of practice and one round of flying.
Finish with a tandem flight!

Petit Challenge + Tandem Course

Challenge + Tandem Course

You will practice on flat ground, then on a slope, and finally take to the skies. Participants can attempt flying as many times as they want within the time limit.
After that you can enjoy Tandem course.

Challenge + Tandem Course

Other Courses

Challenge Course

Challenge Course

Experience Taster & Introductory Course

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