Flight Area

About the Area

Two purpose-built areas perfect for paragliding

At BIRDS Paraglider School, our two purpose-built areas are perfect for a range of gliding activities and flight conditions.

Para-park Kyoto

"Located 580m above sea level, with a 470m difference in elevation between its highest and lowest points.
The site is south-west facing.
Address: Ikebata Chitose-Cho Kameoka City 621-0002 Kyoto Prefecture

Para-Park Kyoto, with its take-off point at 580m on Mt. Saburougatake and its views over the vast Kameoka basin, was completed in 2003.
The slope was precisely calculated as an easy take-off spot for beginners, and is also ideal for tandem flights.
For more advanced gliders, there are plenty of thermal updrafts to enjoy. There is also a famous air vent (big and gentle thermal updraft occurring in the late afternoon) for stress-free soaring (using this updraft to ascend or maintain cruising) that attracts paragliding lovers from all over.

The take-off field is south-west facing and the landing field is just below it, with a difference in elevation of 470m.
North-west winds are the most suitable for flying, but as long as the southern winds are not too strong, you can fly with winds from any direction.

Depending on the season, the winds and scenery can vary greatly, In spring, Enjoy cherry blossoms and reach altitudes of over 2000m (for experts only) with the midday thermal conditions.
In summer, feel the power of nature with the lush green of the mountain peaks and soar through the skies with the late afternoon air vents.
These vents, created by gentle thermal updraft, are perfect even for beginners.
In autumn, the winds are even more gentle, and you have the chance to fly higher, even in the daytime. Gaze at the beautiful autumnal foliage and the famous evening mist. Watching the mist over the take-off field is like watching a sea of clouds, rolling in the sky.
Don't miss this very rare chance of flying above the 'unkai' or 'sea of clouds' and maybe even witness a Brocken Spectre.
In winter, the weather is very cold, but the air is crisp and clear and with ascending airflows, you can reach big heights and see snowy mountain peaks in the distance. You may even see as far as the Osaka Bay and Lake Biwa.


  • Exit at the Chiyokawa IC on the the Kyoto Jūkan Expressway.
  • Drive along National Route 9, through the Chihara intersection and make a left at the 'Mikkaichi' sign-posted intersection.
  • At the next crossroad with traffic lights, head towards 'Hiranosawaike'. You will see a signboard on your right after approximately 420 meters.
  • (Approx. 15 min. drive from Chiyokawa IC)

Nishi Kyoto Paraglider Training Hill

Practice grounds at 30m, and 200m.
Winds from the north and north-east.
Address: Miyanoshita Tamanoi Yagicho Nantan City, 629-0163 Kyoto Prefecture

The practice area was developed in 1999 by all members of the BIRDS Club and in collaboration with the Yagicho Tourism Association, local communities and government offices.
There are no private houses around the practice area so beginners can fly at complete ease.

The wide and gentle slope was designed exclusively for paragliders, facilitating solo flights for first timers.
Our Challenge Course and Petit Challenge Course, as well as the Introductory Course, are very popular as they teach participants to take off, glide and land with the essential assistance from our staff.
By practicing over and over during the Introductory Course, you can reach new levels and aim for a 30m solo flight!

At the Nishi Kyoto Paraglider Practice Area, in addition to the 30m take-off grounds, there are also additional grounds at 200m, accessible by monorack.
Access to these higher grounds depends on your skill level.
These practice areas are also still suitable for practice even when northerly winds are too strong to fly over at Para-Park Kyoto.


  • Exit at the Yagi Nishi IC on the Kyoto Jūkan Expressway.
  • Take a left towards Kyoto at the Yoshitomi intersection (on National Route 9) and make a left again after 1.5km at the crossroad to the address indicated above.
  • After approximately 120 meters, turn right at the signboard indicating the Paraglider Practice Area.
  • (Approx. 10 min from the Yagi Nishi IC)