About BIRDS & Staff introduction



BIRDS Paraglider School was established in 1999.

BIRDS Paraglider School was established in 1999 at the Nishi Kyoto Paraglider Training Hill, a vast field with a take-off point at 30m in Tamanoi Yagicho, Nantan City. Take-ofT points accessible by monorack (monorail) at 130m and 200m were later added.

In 2003, we opened Para-Park Kyoto with a take-off point at 580m elevation on Mt. Saburougatake in Kameoka City and a landing area in Chitose.
The wind that blows from the basin below is a gentle updraft, well-rated by beginners and advanced pilots alike.
Our instructors have followed education programs from the Japan Paragliding Association (JPA). While striving to create an enjoyable and relaxed environment, they aim for safety-first guidance at all times.

BIRDS gathers members from elementary school students to active 70-year-olds, all from different backgrounds and careers.
That said, when paragliding, you'll forget all about work and discover a free and care-free version of you!
People enjoy flying for many reasons: to obtain a pilot's license, to take part in competitions and set records, to keep fit, to explore the world from a new perspective, or simply to forget the day-to-day.

We also hold many events such as regular domestic and overseas tours, barbecues and fancy-dress events.
Come and enjoy paragliding in the company of all our fun-loving BIRDS members!


School Director Yukihide Ozawa

  • JPA Performance Instructor
  • JPA Rigger
  • JPA Rescue Level 3
  • JPA Trustee


An athlete myself, I keep up my skills in order to make total beginners and more assiduous pilots feel completely safe in my company.
I will help you for as long as you feel like flying. Don't hesitate to come by.


  • Born in Kyoto in 1971.
  • Single.
  • Had his first encounter with paragliding in 1987 during his high school years and has been in the profession for the last 20 years, teaching in various schools.
  • Has built up flight experience all over the world working as tour guide and participation in competitions.


  • 1999 - Established the BIRDS Paraglider School in Yagicho.
  • 2003 - Opened Para-Park Kyoto in Kameoka.
  • 2011 - Became the school director.
  • 2013 - Became a JPA trustee.


  • Winner of the 2014 National League Grand Prix
  • Annual Champion of the 2014 National League
  • Participant in the Paraliding World Cup Super-Finale between 2009 and 2013.

Michiyoshi Ozawa

  • Co-founder of BIRDS Paraglider School and Para-Park.
  • A real pioneer who started flying in the 80s when paragliding had just arrived in Japan.


Through paragliding, expand your circles, get into lively glider-related conversations and forge friendships that endure, whichever way the winds may blow!
Join us and enjoy hot springs and good foods, but also let yourself discover the change in seasons from a different perspective. Brush up your skills and fly higher, further, longer. Are you up for the challenge?


  • JPA Instructor
  • JPA Rigger
  • JPA Rescue Level 2


I got completed hooked after taking an Introductory Course in 1997.
Through paragliding, I hope to fill this Earth with lots of wonderful smiles.
I find that the domestic and international tours are also a lot of fun!



I'm the only student staff! ✌︎
I look forward to learning and having a great time with everyone in the sky through fun and safe paragliding!


  • JPAタンデムパイロット
  • JPA Rescue Level 2




Our beloved dog and mascot, offering comfort to everyone.
Champ had his first flight in 2010 and has had several more over the years.
Of course, he only flies when his master is in the mood.